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There are many hidden costs of parenting a child with special needs. Most families experience three types of expenses: significant increased health care costs, higher routine care costs, and a reduced employment income. These expenses can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and the responsibility does not go away, it lasts a lifetime. A special needs parent, who is also a board member, said,  “Being able to send our child to extra curricular activities such as summer camp or added therapies are luxuries that we simply cannot afford. ”



The Inspiring HANDS, Inc. Scholarship fund offers individuals, of all ages with special needs, an opportunity to attend summer camp and equestrian therapy at approved centers in Texas. They each focus on cultivating self confidence and skills needed for success. This is accomplished through therapeutic supports and adaptive recreation which meet their unique special abilities. Each partner organization is a non-profit and funds are directly given to them on the scholarship recipients behalf, so we know that it is being used as intended.

We are operated 100% by volunteers, so every financial contribution goes directly toward the scholarship fund or fundraising efforts. Therefore, participation in the main annual fundraiser, the Come Together Extravaganza, is critical to the continued success of the program. For further information  on the distribution of funds, please review our annual reports by clicking here.

Please consider making a one time or recurring donation in support of the Scholarship fund. Through your generous help, together we can make a difference in the lives of others in need.