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Service Dogs

can provide confidence and independence 

Dog’s have long been known as mans best friend. They can be loyal and obedient, as well as the best source of comfort to their human family members. Additionally, they can be of great service to those with special needs, both physically and mentally. Our goal is to provide connections, resources, and possible funding to offset the costs to those with financial and special needs who may benefit from being partnered with a service dog.

Click Here to Apply for a Scholarship Nov 1 – Mar 15 each year. 


Types of Qualified Service Dogs

Therapy Dogs

Autism/Social Services Dogs

Psychiatric Disability Dogs

Guide Dogs

Medical Alert or Response Dogs

Traditional Mobility Dogs

Hearing Dogs





ADA Approved

Service dogs, although loved and adored as family members, are defined by the American Disabilities Act as a dog that fundamentally aids via doing a task(s) in a disabled person’s daily life. To become ADA qualified, they must undergo individual training and meet specific guidelines. Once a dog meets these ADA qualifications and becomes certified, there are many other sources of support available to you. Comfort or emotional support dogs do not qualify as skills under the ADA for service animals. Therefore they are not protected or have the same rights under the law. For example, service dogs have protection for public access when working; therapy animals, companions or other assistance animals do not.

ADA approved and trained Service Dogs are costly; ranging from $25,000-$35,000 pending the special need. A great number of providers are available throughout the Nation and travel may be required to obtain the ideal partner for your special need. This may be an added expense to you that should be considered before applying.

Our Scholarships

Inspiring HANDS, Inc. has partnered with approved organizations and training centers that may be able to assist those with special needs to become qualified to partner with a service dog. Once you have applied and been approved, you may qualify to receive $250 to $900 in IH Scholarship Funds towards the service dog.  Although applicants may apply annually, scholarships are not guaranteed annually.

STEP I – Applicants please do not apply through the IH Application link until you have applied  and been approved directly with the dog training facility via the links at the bottom of this page.

STEP II – Once qualified and approved via your chosen provider, complete the online IH Scholarship Application via the CLICK HERE button below.


  • Applicants must be residents of Harris, Montgomery, Liberty, Chambers, Hardin, Galveston, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Waller County, Texas at time of application and award.
  • Applicants must be accepted by an IH approved Assistance Dog International member, an International Guide Dog Federation member, or other IH qualified training program prior to applying for an IH Scholarship. Applicant must show proof of acceptance by providing a copy of the acceptance letter. They must also complete the online scholarship application form.
  • Scholarships will be paid directly to the training organization, a registered 501(c) (3), and after the client and dog have completed training and completed a minimum of a 3 month successful partnership after the training.
  • A completed and signed release form must be received prior to funding being released.
  • Applicants for scholarships will be considered annually, November 1st through March 15th of each year, and awarded on May 1st of each year. However, they will be paid out once all qualifications above have been met; which may not be guaranteed to be annually.

Click Here to Apply for a Scholarship Nov 1 – Mar 15 each year. 


IH Scholarships are available to those of all ages who have financial and special needs.


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STEP II – Once qualified and approved via your chosen provider above, complete the online IH Scholarship Application via the Click Here button below.

Did you know that Canine Companions (unaffiliated with Inspiring HANDS) has provided service dogs free of charge to qualified applicants since 1975?

Contact them directly for further information.