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Why support Inspiring HANDS?

Let our recipients answer that for you.

We could not thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity for Colton to be able to attend camp this summer. He was so excited about going that he actually packed at least 5 times getting ready to leave. Colton had such a wonderful time and his asking about going back again. This would have not been possible this year for Colton if it was not for the scholarship of Inspiring HANDS. This is such a wonderful time for campers but also gives their parents the respite so needed. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts” – Joe and Christy


What a blessing this was for both of the boys! I thought that my son Jacob would be paired with his brother Carter. This was not the case, and it could not have turned out better. This was the most wonderful experience for both of them. Thank you so much and I hope hat we are able to get scholarships again next year! God Bless.” – Susan


Our sons were awarded full Camperships to Camp Blessing this summer. This was their first time at sleep away summer camp without their parents. What an amazing, indescribable experience for them and for us. We, as parents, were comforted in the knowledge that they would get their medications and special dients would be adhered to without a bat of an eye. God bless you all!” – Andrew and Shanon